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The image shows a Tren Urbano train, capturing the symmetry between two train cars.

The Puerto Rico Integrated Transportation Authority (PRITA/ATI) is leading the Tren Urbano: Northwest Extension Alternatives Analysis. This study will assess the feasibility of an extension of the Tren Urbano in San Juan, from the Sagrado Corazon station (the current north end of the line) to the northwest and its alternative routings thereto. We will work to engage the broader San Juan community in this effort which will culminate with the identification of an alternative that best supports local mobility needs and other goals.


The desired outcome from this effort will assess different transit alignments, identify one locally preferred alternative, and will generate the supporting documentation that would be appropriate for federal funding program(s) submittal.

What is the study about?

The Tren Urbano: Northwest Extension Alternatives Analysis study will evaluate various transit options to extend Tren Urbano from the Sagrado Corazon station to the northwest . Our process will include many opportunities for you to provide feedback. Your comments will help our team learn how Tren Urbano can deliver better transit service to your community in the future.

Help us extend 
Tren Urbano!

Study Area


What is an
Alternative Analysis Study?

An Alternatives Analysis study (AA) evaluates different transit options for a particular project or corridor. The analysis typically examines modes such as bus rapid transit (BRT), light rail transit (LRT), or heavy rail transit (HRT) similar to the currently operated in the existing Tren Urbano, and evaluates their feasibility and effectiveness based on factors such as travel time, demand, operating costs, environmental impact, and community needs.

The purpose of an AA is to identify the most appropriate transit mode and route for a particular project or corridor, considering factors such as transit ridership, travel demand, service levels, cost-effectiveness, and community preferences. In this case, the AA process will be used to assess the extension of the existing Tren Urbano rail line. By evaluating alignment and mode alternatives, an AA can help decision-makers make informed choices that maximize the benefits of a transit project while minimizing its negative impacts.

Image of the Tren Urbano platform at the Sagrado Corzon station. The picture shows one passanger sitting on the benches, and another standing. There are signs pointing to the Emergency Exit.
Image of the Tren Urbano platform at the Sagrado Corazon station showing a train, benches, and columns.

When are we going to learn
about the outcome of the study?

The Tren Urbano Extension Alternatives Analysis will take approximately 20 months to complete. The process begins by defining the purpose, goals, and objectives of an extension of Tren Urbano. Then,  ATI will look at the existing conditions of the study area to identify challenges and opportunities for transit improvements, and use this information, along with input from the community to design a set of extension alternatives. These alternatives will be refined and evaluated to understand which ones are feasible and maximizes benefits to transit users. Finally, the alternative that best meets the goals and objectives of the study will be selected and advanced for engineering design. ATI anticipates publishing a report with the outcomes of the study in 2024.

When are they building the
Tren Urbano Extension?

After the AA is completed, ATI will begin the process of applying for  federal funding grants to finance the design, engineering, and construction of the Tren Urbano Extension.

Study Timeline


#3 Public Engagement

Finalize Report

#2 Public Engagement

#1 Public Engagement

Study Kick-off

Analyze Existing Conditions

Develop Study Goals and Objectives

Develop and Evaluate Initial Extension Alternatives

Develop and Evaluate Refined Extension Alternatives

Develop Recommendations

Select locally Preferred Alternative

How can I get involved?

Community participation is vital to the development of the Alternatives Analysis. Whether you are an existing rider or simply an interested party, we encourage you to attend a virtual public meeting or pop-up events. Stay tuned for the next round of events near you.


Throughout the study, ATI will conduct several public outreach activities to engage, inform, and gather feedback from community members. The team will organize many in-person and virtual events including public meetings, stakeholder working group sessions, and pop-up events. There will also be opportunities for you to provide feedback through social media, the study webpage, and surveys.

Thanks for submitting!

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